Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ecotourism Holiday Trip to Genting Highlands

View of Genting Highlands Resort at Night, Surrounded by Clouds.
Mushroom at the Mushroom Farm at Genting Highlands -
located at turning to Kuala Lumpur when coming down from Genting Highlands, 
My Happy Bee Farm & Insect World - located at Turning to Genting View Resort.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm - located near to Hotel Malaysia Gohtong Jaya.
Lavender Garden is located inside the Farm.

Mini Cameron Highlands- where you can buy Vegetables and other produces- located before Bee Farm.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ecotourism Holiday Trip to House of Lavender located next to Avant Chocolate Cameron Highlands

Lavender Flower
Close up of Lavender Flower
House of Lavender's Showroom

Lavender Products

Black Horse inside the Showroom

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ecotourism Hoilday Trip to BOH Tea Plantation at BOH Tea Centre, Sungei Palas, Cameron Highlands

BOH Tea Plantation in the Morning Mist, before arriving at the BOH Tea Centre. 
Entrance to BOH Tea Centre, Sungei Palas, Cameron Highland
View of the BOH Tea Plantation from the Cafe's Viewing Deck
Cafe at BOH Tea Centre
The Many types of  BOH tea that are available
View of the Cafe
Walking up to the BOH Tea Centre, after parking the car.
Machinery in the Factory
BOH Tea Centre in Sungei Palas, Brichang, Cameron Highlands. The Place has a Cafe, Souvenir Shop, Factory and Museum of BOH Plantation. Best to use the Simpang Pulai exit which is less winding. Just 500 metres before reaching Copthorn Hotel, is the Turn Off to BOH Tea Centre, Sungei Palas.(On your Right).

Friday, March 28, 2014

Penang 2nd Bridge - Terrible Traffic Jam at the End.

The 2nd Penang Bridge was open to the Public since March 2014. The Bridge is longer than the 1st Bridge but it has 2 lanes for cars compared to 3 lanes on the 1st Bridge. The drive is not so easy as it is narrower with 2 lanes only. With Big Lorries using the bridge, only add to the difficult ride.Traffic coming from Kuala Lumpur can turn left before reaching the Juru Rest Area, and head towards the 2nd Bridge. The Drive is slow at 80 kph speed limit. You will end up in a traffic Jam if you head towards Bayan Lepas and Georgetown. Here the jam is caused by a few Traffic lights and 4 lanes moving into 2 lanes. The traffic is very bad, up to 30 mins or more. I do not advice using the 2nd bridge. Jam, Jam, Jam terrible Jam. Better to take the 1st Bridge. Alternatively, you can turn towards Batu Mauh and cut across the industrial area and use GPS set to Queensbay Mall. Wish you luck when using the 2nd Bridge. Note: The 2nd Bridge is mainly used by lorries going to the Factories located in Bayan Lepas Area.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ecotourism Holiday Trip to Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia

Locally Manufactured Bird's Nest which are of Export Quality at Kwan Wellness Ecopark

Roasting of Coffee Beans
Famous Locally Roasted Coffee
Local Candy

Local Pineapples which are sugar sweet

Passion FruIt Orchard

Logan Orchard

Dragon Fruit Orchard

Seafood Lunch - Lover Bridge Restaurant and Bayview Restaurant are  recommended..

Lovers Bridge in Tanjung Sepat
Fishing Boats - Fresh Fish can be obtained in Tanjung Sepat
Tanjung Sepat is also Famous for Preserved Vegetable Pau, Mr Black Pau is recommended. Fish ball and marine produce are available at the stalls located nearby Lovers Bridge. Tapioca Chip Factory and Mushroom Farm can also be found in Tg Sepat.

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